2022 Workshop, USC

Knowledge on the Move: Information Networks During and After the Holocaust


Robin Buller (GHI Washington | Pacific Office Berkeley)
Wolf Gruner (USC Dornsife Center for Advanced Genocide Research)
Anne-Christin Klotz (GHI Washington | Pacific Office Berkeley)

The movement, production, and circulation of knowledge, ideas, and information through networks of marginalized groups and across borders and boundaries have increasingly become the focus of historical research in recent decades. At the same time, scholars have worked to integrate the perspectives of Jews and other groups victimized by the Nazi regime within Holocaust Studies in order to highlight their diverse forms of agency. For instance, the study of resistance networks, subversive knowledge exchange, and transnational commemorative efforts has fostered an understanding of the Holocaust that is grounded in broader local, regional, national, transnational, and at times overlapping contexts.

“Knowledge on the Move” brings together scholars who are reconsidering the Holocaust and its aftermath through the lenses of Jewish and non-Jewish information networks, broadly conceived. In a two-day workshop, scholars will present and comment on individual pre-circulated papers. This workshop aims to prompt innovative research questions regarding the information production and knowledge circulation in Europe and beyond during and after the Nazi genocide.

The workshop is organized by the Pacific Office of the German Historical Institute Washington and USC Dornsife Center for Advanced Genocide Research.

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